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I was incredibly lucky to have Teran as a dietitian after I left a residential treatment facility for an eating disorder. The months I worked with Teran were some of the most critical in my recovery, and she was crucial to helping me shape my relationship with food and my body. Teran has a gift for balancing honesty, patience, and support, so I knew that she had my back the entire time I was working with her. She talked to doctors and other specialized health-care professionals on my behalf to help grant me treatment I needed, wrote recommendation letters for recovery grant applications, and held phone sessions with me when I was not in town.


Whatever I needed- Teran was there!


I met Teran when I was at one of the lowest points of my life.  With her help and encouragement, I started to seek treatment.  She challenged me, spoke truth, listened, and even laughed with me.  I can say that without her in my life, I don't know that I would have gotten better.  My life now is full of joy, happiness, three precious little girls to call me Mom, and FREEDOM. 


Teran has watched me come "full circle" and I think she is the best at what she does.


When I began working with Teran, my doctor was giving me only one option…to be put on birth control for amenorrhea and osteopenia. I had not had a period in 11 years, and the doctor was not sure that I would ever have one again. I had been an active runner for years and never started my period after my third child. I had a long history of disordered eating patterns, which included undereating. I also exercised excessively and was under a lot of stress. Teran helped me reestablish a healthy relationship with food by teaching me how to eat again. I had gotten so lost in the trends and diet fads of our culture that I seriously had no idea what was right and wrong. Since I had labeled so many foods as “bad”, I never thought I would be able to enjoy food again like a normal person. Teran was so gracious and loving towards me as a I reestablished new patterns of eating. I will never forget the day she encouraged me by saying that I might one day enjoy eating food with my family and no longer eat separately from them every night. The idea of enjoying a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with my children absolutely delighted and terrified me at the same time. I trusted her, and she was right!!! Teran was more like a friend than a counselor as I navigated these waters. Much to the surprise of my doctor, I regained a normal cycle at age 41. I restored my weight, and to everyone’s surprise, I increased my bone density back into normal range. I am forever grateful for Teran.


Without her, I would have only masked the problem and never received true healing.


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