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Payment Policies

Clients are required to provide a credit card that will be securely kept on file. Full payment is due in advance or at the time of all appointments. Cash, check, credit, and HSA cards are accepted. Moon Nutrition Therapy does not accept insurance or file insurance claims. Upon request, an itemized superbill receipt will be provided so that you may seek reimbursement from your insurance company. Seeking insurance reimbursement and submitting insurance reimbursement forms is entirely up to the client for whom services were provided.

Returned Check Policy

In the event a check is returned for any reason, a $30.00 fee will be assessed.

Appointment Policies

Moon Nutrition Therapy requires 48 hours (two full business days) notice to cancel or reschedule appointments. If you need to cancel your appointment and it is scheduled for a Monday, please call by Thursday of the previous week. If your appointment follows a holiday, any cancellations must be made two business days prior to the holiday. The full fee of the scheduled visit will be charged with inadequate notice. Inclement weather and other reasonable emergencies will be given consideration on a case by case basis. When appropriate, phone sessions at the time of the scheduled appointment are available if your physical presence is not possible.

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